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Why Jangada?

If you’re interested in a big-studio piano sound but with the charm of a small studio vibe, you’ve found it here at Jangada Studios, a modest project studio in Aston, PA. Voice and instrument recording can be had here as well.

No ordinary project studio, Jangada boasts a top-tier 2012 Bosendorfer 6’6” 200 Conservatory Series Grand Piano with a sound and a touch besting many of the larger recording studios in the Delaware Valley, a claim you’ll hear and feel when you set hands on this sublime instrument. It was one of only 34 Bosendorfers shipped to the United States in 2012, adding to its specialness.

Jangada Studios aims to achieve the highest level of sonic excellence afforded through the pinnacle of modern recording gear on an incredible instrument, paired with a desire to put the artist at ease and a relaxing environment that’s sure the result in the best performance possible. Being an artist myself, I’m very sensitive to catering to both artistic excellence while ensuring an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

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Who We Are

Hi, I’m Andre Maranhao, owner of Jangada Studios. Being a pianist as well, I understand what it means to achieve an excellent piano tone. That includes not just the mics and gear – which as you might guess are equal in measure to the instrument quality - but especially how the Bosendorfer is voiced, how it plays and most important to us pianists, how it feels and responds to our touch.


This is in no small part due to my exceedingly good fortune having the amazing skills of respected piano technician Suang Xi Gong as the sole individual I allow to tune, voice and regulate this special instrument. He is a gifted technician in this area and works with many universities and private individuals. In fact, he rates this instrument as among the best he’s worked on, including other recording studios and institutions with whom he’s contracted.


But we do more than just record piano. We also record solo instruments, voice and group ensembles of up to three instruments. There’s also an array of fun and powerful synthesizers and keyboards along with virtual instruments to augment your recording.


Jangada also does audio and video production.


Click here for a full gear list. In summary though, our gear includes:

A boutique converter by esteemed manufacturer Burl with 16 ins x 16 outs, more than enough to cover small tracking jobs for trios, small ensembles and even for tracking piano with close, medium and far mics to allow for more sound variety choices in post production.


A 22-mic locker. Together they provide for a wide range of sonic choices and include products from Neuman, AKG, Chandler Limited, Soyuz, DPA, Earthworks, Beyerdynamic among others.

We’re especially tickled pink with the amazing pair of Soyuz 017Tube mics that pretty much live on the piano.


Also receiving high praise from top industry vets lately is the Chandler Limited REDD, a tube-based microphone with an integrated tube mic pre that’s an absolute beast on vocals, among other instruments.


Our outboard mic preamplifiers include an Avalon 2022, REDD.47 (x2), AEA RPQ2, a UAD4710D and a LaChapell Audio 992. The go-to for me personally on piano is the tube-based LaChapell which achieves beautiful tube-based saturation but with amazing clarity that together impart this 3D realism to the piano. Paired with the Soyuz017Tube, along with the inimitable Burl converter, the piano tone we’re getting here is just unreal!


We own the Neve Master Bus Transformer (the mix "bettermaker"), a mastering-grade EQ from Thermionic Culture called The Swift as well as an Audioscape LA-2A that are used both at tracking and mixing stages. We pack all of this best-of-the-best professional gear – and experience – into a section of our townhome we dedicated to recording, with 10’ ceilings and a beautiful space optimized for sound with elegant acoustic panels and unique wall treatments that sound great.


A pretty blue and cream color pallet harkens back to the wonderful little fishing boats called Jangada, off the northeast of Brazil where my father was born, and for which this studio is named.


You might say we’re “fishing for great performances and recordings”...sorry, couldn't help myself:)


The full gear list is here.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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