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Music Samples

A few examples of music produced at Jangada. 

Here's Forests Of Pandora, a cinematic orchestral piece that started life as a simple improv.

Forests Of Pandora

Step 2

These are the improvisations Fabio Fonseca and I have done here. Fabio has had careers as a chart-topping Brazilian pop artist, a sought-after producer working with Sony, EMI and other labels for top Brazilian acts, a General Manager of an innovative keyboard and synth company, and more. Plus, he's a great friend and a wonderful, kind person! These songs feature Fabio on his company's Valente electric piano and The Lizard modular synth, as well as Moog Subsequent 37 synths among others. I'm on the Bosendorfer. Most of these are simply record-and-play improvs. Editing and fx are added in post later.

Forests of Pandora

A cinematic, orchestrated piece. Started life as a long rambling improv and after much production and editing work, was wrestled into a proper song. It leads the listener through a day in a magical forest with a coherent structure (beginning, middle, end). You wouldn't even recognize its humble beginnings as a kind of an almost throwaway improv session that was a bit hard to listen to, tbh. But sometimes with enough patience, time and luck, I can home in on a small detail or sound in the source material and then help surface it into a fuller idea that does justice to those little initial whispers. Like, with this one. Fortunately!

Maybe you have a piece needing some production work? Perhaps I could be of assistance?

Forests Of PandoraStep 2
00:00 / 05:37

Family Portraits

Fabio and I improvisation 8/11/2023. Starting with Last Call, we've been occasionally experimenting with these more simply structured (but still improvised) songs which gives Fabio a chance to settle in and focus on his beautiful soaring leads rather than playing catch up with an ever-changing structure of an undisciplined pianist (me) throws at him haha. I found this to be super relaxing, which is saying something coming from me (my solo stuff especially is often called 'relaxing').

Family PortraitsStep 2
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Last Call

Straight-ahead blues featuring the Bosey piano and headlined by Fabio's great playing on Tokai Organ and his company's own Lizard Modular Synth. Originally 13 minutes I cut down to 5. See if you can hear the cuts.

Last CallStep 2
00:00 / 05:06

Samba Train

We took a simple progression and added percussion from Splice, a loop library. This was then assembled in one of my digital audio workstations (DAW for short) called Ableton Live, which excels at loop-style music. I also work in the Logic Pro DAW.

Samba TrainStep 2
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Phil's Jazz BBQ outdoor performance

With the help of my good friend Bob Stanfield from The Cave in Clementon, NJ, we captured an amazing performance by a local jazz band headed by our wonderful friend Phil Derenbecher on drums. Let's call them The Phil Deren Quintet. The recording was edited over the next few months here at Jangada and kind of surprised all of us in how it turned out! Sometimes hard work pays off!


Live performance captured on a warm summer day. 

FootprintsPhil Deren Quintet
00:00 / 06:08

Song For My Father

...the trick in post was keeping the horns front and center. A few choice compressors helped immensely. 

Song For My FatherPhil Deren Quintet
00:00 / 07:24


...the drums here got special attention with Phil's tasty fills imparting a flavor I was careful to preserve. The raw tracks needed work to maintain separation, clarity and a sense of space.

EquinoxPhil Deren Quintet
00:00 / 06:40

Live Performances @ Jangada  

Here are a few examples of recordings done in our studio. 

New York State Of Mind

Promotional video was shot here for The Valente Electromechanical Keyboard, with a version of New York State of Mind performed by New York Native Ken Voison

Lazy Daze

Bad Idea Band: This was a live in-studio recording done July 2023.

Lazy DazeBad Idea Band
00:00 / 02:51
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