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Gear List


Jangada punches above its weight class. We have the comfort and vibe of a small project studio, but are lucky to have some incredible gear usually only associated with larger, more expensive studios.

The Details



Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Conservatory Series, Model 200

 6’6”, Hand Built in 2012



Burl B80 Mothership, 16ins x 16outs

Apollo X8p 



Ableton Live 

Logic Pro 


Mic Pre’s

LaChappel 992 stereo

REDD.42 (x2)

Avalon 2022 stereo

AEA RPQ2 stereo

UAD 410D quad



Canon EF 24mm 1.4 L glass

Canon RF 15-35mm

Helios 58mm 1.2 vintage

Canon RF 24-105  F4 L glass

Canon RF 35mm 1.8

Canon RF 50mm 1.4

Canon EF 50mm 1.8

Asahi Super-Takumar 50mm 1.4 vintage

Canon EF 50mm 1.2 L glass

Canon 85mm 1.2 L glass



Moog Grandmother

Moog Subsequent 37

Access Virus

Kurzweil K2500

The Valente Piano  

Lizard Modular synth

FerroFish B12 Organ Module

Casio Privia

Roland RD-700



Neve Master Bus Transformer

Thermionic Culture "The Swift" Mastering EQ

AudioScape G-Buss Compressor

AudioScape Opto Compressor

AudioScape VCOMP+ Compressor



AEA R88 (stereo)

AKG C214


BeyerDynamic M201 TG

BeyerDynamic M88 TG

Beyerdynamic MC930 (x2)

Chandler Limited TG (x2)

Chandler Limited REDD

DPA 4011 (x2)

Earthworks QTC30 (x2)

Neuman TLM127

Rode NTG3

Royer R121

Shure SM57

Shure SM58

Soyuz 01B Tube (x2)

Telefunken M80-SHB

Telefunken M81-SH (x3)

Telefunken M92



Canon C100 Cinema

Canon RP

Canon R



Aputure Light Storm ---

---120dII lights (x4)

Aputure 34” lightbox with grill

Aputure 15” lightbox with grill

Aputure MC portable light (x2)

Great Video Maker RGB---

---panel lights (x2)

Light tubes (x2)

Zhiyun Weeble S Gimble 

Iphone Gimble

Rhino Gear 2’ Camera Slider

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