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Bosendorfer Grand Piano

Experience Jangada Studios

Acoustic Piano Tracking, and more...

Jangada Studios is a well-appointed intimate piano tracking studio and mixing space that opened its doors September 2023. The amazing 2012 6'6" Bosendorfer 200 combined with our top-of-the-line equipment will provide a polish and sound that only the best recording studios can match. If you are looking to track on the best piano and recording chain possible, there is no better place than Jangada Studios. Contact us to learn about our special offers and rates.

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Our Clients Say

“I’ve been blessed to work with Andre many times over the years.  In addition to having amazing piano and compositional skills, Andre has an excellent ear for producing and engineering some of the best recordings we’ve heard.   Andre’s work has been featured at many of the private events we’ve done over the years and continues to play an important role in our presentations.”

Vincent James

Co-Founder KeepMusicAlive.Org

Studio Services


Create and capture your next sounds with experienced professionals and the latest recording technologies at Jangada Studios. You’ll have your pick of equipment — everything from microphones to electronic mixing consoles. Contact us to set up a time for your Mixing session today! The world of sound is at your fingertips.



Want to record your own sounds from the comfort and convenience of a professional Music Studio? Reserve your next Recording session with us and get access to all of our state-of-the-art equipment and studio space. Contact us to find out more about our Recording rates and availabilities. Don’t wait too long, our calendar fills up fast.


Looking to bring your creative concoctions to life? Book your production session at Jangada Studios and work with our experienced team to realize your unique sound. Together we’ll collaborate throughout the entire production process to develop a final recording you are proud of and which your fans will enjoy. Contact us to start Production today.



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